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Life on the Other Side of Divorce


When a marriage ends, it can feel like your entire world and way of knowing has come to an end as well. Oftentimes, when you have spent years or decades with someone, your lives have become completely entwined — the same friend groups, weekends spent together, perhaps raising kids together. Therefore, when you think of moving forward alone, it feels hard to transition from doing everything together and sharing space to stepping out solo. Surviving and thriving post-divorce is yours to claim, and we can help support you.

Tips to Rebuild Your Life Post-Divorce

  • Take time to grieve
  • Get your groove back
  • Take control

Even if you wanted the separation/divorce, or it was amicable, the end of a marriage or long-term relationship is like mourning a death. The partner, lifestyle, and routines you used to know are now gone. It is essential to take the time to mourn the loss of that past life to help you move forward. Only once you have successfully grieved the former partnership will you be truly ready to move onwards. It might sound silly to grieve something or someone that isn’t technically passed, but the process can be self-assuring and empowering. Leaning on friends during this time, speaking to a therapist or journaling can all be great ways to help you grieve and ultimately move forward with confidence.

When we are with someone for a long period of time it is normal to get comfortable. Comfortable (or complacent) with intimacy, comfortable with our bodies, and comfortable with our routines. After divorce, the thought of being with someone new, and the apprehensions that go with it from feeling shy in the bedroom, doubting your body or appearance, or having to explore new establishments that are not connected to your previous marriage can all be daunting and overwhelming. Now is the time to get your groove back! Viewing this as an opportunity to “reinvent” yourself and explore all of the things about yourself you were always interested in but never got around to is now awaiting you. Now is the time to step into your true, authentic self!

In a time when it may feel like everything is out of control, taking control of your life post-divorce will help you feel strong, confident, and inspired. Taking control of things such as your finances, and your health and wellness will help you recognize that you are indeed able to do it. Sitting down with an advisor or financial planner, nutritionist or gym buddy can help you get in the routine of taking back the control you may feel like you have been missing. When you are used to tackling the world with a partner, starting out on your own can feel impossible, but asking for help within the various industries as needed can positively impact your situation and your future.

You are not alone in your divorce! Our team is both compassionate and experienced and we are ready to stand alongside you during this difficult time! We are proudly the best Family Law Firm in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County and we’re ready to work with you! Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 561.430.4121 to see how we can help support you so you can begin your new life on the other side of divorce! 

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