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Boynton Beach Family & Divorce Attorney / Boynton Beach Modification Lawyer

Boynton Beach Modification Lawyer

Even after you conclude a divorce or family law case, the circumstances of the parties may change in the months or years that follow the entry of the court’s order. Financial or legal issues may arise that affect one party’s ability to comply with the terms. Plus, parents of minor children may find themselves facing custody matters as the kids get older and their needs change. Fortunately, there is a process for modifying many orders in divorce and family law cases, so you do have options.

The modification process will require you to go to court, either to enter an agreed order or for a trial. As such, you need assistance from an lawyer to ensure mistakes do not affect your rights. Our team at The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. will help whether you are seeking modification or contesting the changes. Please contact us to speak to a Boynton Beach modification lawyer today. We can schedule a consultation to discuss details, and a summary is informative.

Summary of Florida Modification Laws

With divorce and family law cases, the most common topics for making changes are alimony, child custody and visitation, and child support. The legal presumption with modification is that the existing order was suitable and appropriate when entered, so there must be good reason to alter it. In Florida, the standard is that the individual seeking modification must have experienced a substantial change in circumstances. For instance:

  • You were laid off or lost your job, so you cannot pay child support and/or alimony.
  • You developed a disabling medical condition.
  • Your child spends more time at your residence, so child support should reflect the higher expenses you incur.
  • You have a new child to support.

Some examples where a court will likely not find a substantial change in circumstances are quitting your job or allegations about inflation.

Legal Process for Modifying a Court Order

It may be possible to approach the other party about an agreement to alter the order, but you may need to go through the legal process for modification. The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. represents clients who want to make changes, but we are ready to help you fight to keep the status quo. Our South Florida modification lawyers will:

  • Assess your circumstances to determine whether they have changed enough to meet the statutory standard;
  • Gathering evidence to prove the substantial change;
  • Collecting proof on the child’s best interests, when the modification relates to child custody or visitation;
  • Preparing a petition to modify OR responding to a petition filed by the other party; and,
  • Representing you during a contested hearing on modifications.

Discuss Your Options with a Boynton Beach Modification Lawyer

It is helpful to review how to modify a court order, but this overview should convince you that retaining representation is critical. The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. is ready to assist, so please contact us to set up a consultation. A Boynton Beach modification lawyer can provide personalized advice after reviewing your case.

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