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5 Stars

“She truly empathizes with her clients”

An attorney who genuinely cares about the people she represents. Ms. Sinatra puts in the effort to letting you know and making you few important. She truly empathizes with her clients making sure they feel valued and guided every step of the way.

— Kharina J.
5 Stars

“She was more than attentive...”

Taryn Sinatra saved me in the hardest time of my life!! I was scared, I was alone, I was pregnant, I was in need of someone I could trust. Taryn eased my worries and allowed me to go through my divorce process with confidence and strength that everything was going to be ok, in time. She was more than attentive, responsive and empathetic to my every need, making sure I was ok throughout the entire, life changing, process. She’s truly amazing.

— Brittany T.
5 Stars

“She is professional, kind and caring”

Taryn is by far the best Divorce Attorney I have Ever met, she is professional, kind and caring and very personable and outgoing! and will go out of her way to make sure you have the best experience possible.

— Jillian A.
5 Stars

“Awesome to work with”

Taryn G. Sinatra was awesome to work with concerning my case, with regular communication. Taryn listened, advised, negotiated and brought my issue to a satisfactory conclusion, in a very timely manner.

Thank you to Taryn and her whole team who were great.

— Linda L.
5 Stars

“You will be well represented if you choose Taryn”

Taryn and her team went above and beyond in helping me with my divorce. Not knowing anyone who has been through this before I had several questions and the entire staff was more than helpful, knowledgeable. and accommodating through the entire process. Taryn helped me to find my voice to fight for my rights relating to my child custody and marital assets. Dealing with a difficult ex wife and two failed meditations later I was sure my case was headed to a judge. Taryn kept the aggressive negotiations on and eventually we were able to settle.

Taryn is a good listener, a knowledgeable attorney, personable, and professional. It felt like I was speaking with a friend every time we interacted. She really seems to care about you and your case. You will be well represented if you choose Taryn as your attorney.

— Anthony S.
5 Stars

“I recommend her to everyone I know”

Ms. Sinatra and her team were there for me and helped me during one of the toughest times in my life. I felt alone, scared, and knew I needed to find an attorney I could trust. Her integrity, hard work, and knowledge, helped me throughout my legal journey, and she was successful with my case. I am forever grateful for Ms. Sinatra and her team -- which is why I recommend her to everyone I know. Thank you for everything.

— Gabby N.
5 Stars

“It is extremely hard to find attorneys like her these days”

What can I say she is a true professional. I was in need of a lawyer with my complex issues. Ms. Sinatra worked right away and helped me tremendously. I felt so relieved to have someone like her by my side.

She doesn't sugar coat anything and is straight to the point.

Most important is that she cares and listens. It is extremely hard to find attorneys like her these days and her staff are the best. I can live again.

Thank you!!

— Daniel R.
5 Stars

“Thank you, for all what you do for me”

If you need a lawyer, you can call anyone, if you need a lawyer who fights for you and make you feel like you are not her clients you are family, you need to contact Taryn. I can’t describe how good her and her amazing team work, for you and with you .During this hard times, you need support and that’s exactly what you found in this office. Thank you, for all what you do for me, is wonderful to know that someone is fighting for your rights by your side. I’m hundred percent sure I’m not the only clients who feel this way. Your professionalism and sensitivity towards your clients is what is make you one of the best lawyers in town. Hundred percent recommend.

— Yami G.
5 Stars

“I cannot thank them enough!”

Taryn and her team are the best of the best! Each and every member of her staff seemed to know the ins and outs of my VERY complicated case and provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to come to a solution that worked best for my daughter and I. Their professionalism, attention to my needs and understanding made a difficult situation go as smoothly as possible. I cannot thank them enough!

— Amy M.
5 Stars

“She genuinely cares about her clients”

Taryn and her team were knowledgeable, accommodating and very responsive through the entire process. She guided me through the process and knew exactly when and where to interject and apply pressure. Taryn is a good listener, personable, and professional. When speaking Taryn directly it felt as if I was speaking to a friend. She genuinely cares about her clients and their cases.

— Unay C.
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