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With over a decade of litigation experience practicing marital and family law exclusively, Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq., is the force you want on your case. She has helped guide her clients through extremely tumultuous times – through mediation or trials, and sometimes even both. She will propel your case forward with compassion, tenacity, and experience, all fueling her to get you the results you want.

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Equitable Distribution, Alimony, & Child Support

A variety of factors are taken into account to determine the best awards for alimony. Child support, meanwhile, is calculated by a specific mathematical formula, taking into account several variables. In both these scenarios, you don’t want to go at this alone as your outcome can be challenging to reverse. Ms. Sinatra can assist you with your best possible outcomes.

Children Issues

Child custody and visitation are emotional issues. Having representation to speak with experience and strength in your favor is very important. Mediation is one space to resolve these outcomes, but if allegations of mental health issues, substance abuse, or questionable parenting conduct that could negatively affect a child are present, you most certainly need Ms. Sinatra to fight on your behalf.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for You?

Ms. Sinatra is trained in dispute resolution techniques, able to help you and your spouse identify and resolve issues related to finances, custody, and property. If you are mostly on the same page, this route for finalizing the terms of your divorce can save money and get you the exact outcomes you are seeking.

Domestic Violence: Know Your Rights

Ms. Sinatra is a devoted domestic violence law practitioner who can help you get out of a domestic violence situation, forever. If your spouse or domestic partner are abusing you or your children, the situation calls for immediate legal assistance in the form of a domestic violence attorney. Call our offices today.

Paternity Law, Property Division, and Your Rights

DNA testing may be required before acknowledgment of paternity or property division can occur. Often, mediation is required before the parties will be permitted to appear before the court. If the parties are unable to settle, then the court will hear the case to determine the outcome of a final hearing. Ms. Sinatra, being a certified mediator, can carry you through the entire process expertly.

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