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Boynton Beach Family & Divorce Attorney / West Palm Beach Family Lawyer

West Palm Beach Family Lawyer

Family law is a broad concept under Florida law, so most people will encounter legal issues with respect to their close relationships at some point. Because of the role emotion plays and the complex laws that apply, these cases can be extremely challenging. You may not realize that you have rights to protect, so it is difficult to know where to start with enforcing them. Plus, you may have certain responsibilities with regards to your personal relationships. Failure to live up to your obligations can lead to harsh consequences.

At The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq., our team is ready to tackle the hurdles that come with family law cases. We are knowledgeable about the laws, but compassionate in understanding how the outcomes affect you personally. Please contact our office today to speak with a West Palm Beach family lawyer. We can schedule a consultation to discuss details, but some background is useful.

Family Law Cases We Cover

Our firm represents clients in a wide range of family law matters, so we are committed to providing essential legal support for:

Divorce: Florida follows the law of equitable distribution for property division, so all marital assets and debts are split fairly. Alimony may be awarded when appropriate to balance the financial disparities between the parties. We can assist with all divorce scenarios, including:

  • Divorce after same sex marriage;
  • High net worth divorce; and,
  • Military divorce.

Issues Related to Minor Children: Custody and visitation involves parental decision making and parenting time for the nonresidential parent. These concepts work according to the child’s best interests standard. Divorcing parents and those who are unmarried must address these issues.

Counseling with Other Family Law Matters: We will also help with:

  • Annulments;
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements;
  • Grandparents’ rights;
  • Paternity;
  • Adoption, including stepparent adoption;
  • Modifications; and,
  • Enforcement

Options for Family Law Disputes

Florida statutes encourage parties to agree on family law cases, and there are considerable benefits for doing so. The proceedings can be resolved faster compared to a contested hearing, and you gain certainty in the outcome because you already worked out the details. You may also participate in mediation as an option for family law, as the mediator’s efforts to facilitate productive conversation might help you reach compromise.

Our South Florida family lawyers at The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. will back you throughout the proceedings. We have skills in settlement discussions, so we strive to negotiate an agreement that suits your goals and family needs. Our firm will also be at your side for mediation and a contested hearing, which is similar to a trial.

Trust a West Palm Beach Family Lawyer for Legal Help

It is reassuring to know that there are multiple options available in these cases, but you can see how important it is to have representation from a South Florida family law firm. To learn more about how our team can help, please contact The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. We can set up a consultation with a skilled West Palm Beach family law attorney.

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