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Boynton Beach Family & Divorce Attorney / Blog / Divorce / When to Use the Expert Services of a Forensic Accountant During a Complex Divorce

When to Use the Expert Services of a Forensic Accountant During a Complex Divorce


Divorce can be a challenging process, particularly when it involves complex financial disputes or significant assets. In such cases, the expertise of a forensic accountant can be invaluable in ensuring a fair and equitable division of assets. These professionals specialize in examining financial records to uncover hidden details that can significantly impact the outcome of a divorce settlement.

What is a Forensic Accountant?

Forensic accountants are specialized professionals who apply their accounting knowledge and investigative skills in legal settings. Unlike regular accountants, forensic accountants delve deep into financial records to scrutinize and interpret complex financial data, often preparing this information for legal disputes and trials.

Scenarios Requiring a Forensic Accountant

Several scenarios in divorce proceedings may necessitate the services of a forensic accountant:

Hidden Assets: One of the most common reasons to hire a forensic accountant is to detect hidden or undisclosed assets. These professionals are skilled in tracing and identifying assets that one spouse may attempt to conceal to avoid sharing them during the divorce process.

Business Valuations: For divorces involving business owners or significant shares in a company, a forensic accountant is critical in providing an accurate valuation of the business. This ensures that the division of assets is based on a fair market value.

Income Analysis: Forensic accountants are also essential when there are discrepancies or questions about a spouse’s reported income and expenses. This is particularly important for determining alimony and child support, where accurate financial representations are crucial.

Lifestyle Analysis: These experts can conduct a thorough review of family spending, lifestyle, and expenditures to assist in the determination of spousal support and maintenance needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Forensic Accountant

Incorporating a forensic accountant into your divorce team can lead to several benefits. They provide crucial insights that can lead to a more equitable financial settlement and can also present their findings in court, lending credibility to your claims with their expert testimony. Additionally, their expertise can often expedite the settlement process by clarifying financial complexities quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the right forensic accountant is key. Look for professionals with specific experience in family law cases and strong analytical and communication skills. Credentials such as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or CFF (Certified in Financial Forensics) can also indicate a high level of expertise and specialization.

Contact Law Offices of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A.

Using a forensic accountant during a complex divorce can drastically impact the fairness and outcome of your settlement. These professionals ensure that all assets are accounted for and valued correctly, helping to achieve an equitable division and peace of mind.

If you are facing a complex divorce and believe your financial assets require detailed examination, contact the Law Offices of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A. We can help determine if a forensic accountant is needed and ensure your interests are fully protected throughout the divorce process.



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