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Boynton Beach Family & Divorce Attorney / Delray Beach Custody Issues Lawyer

Delray Beach Custody Issues Lawyer

When going through divorce proceedings in Florida, one of the most important issues before the parties and the court is child custody. The topic will also come up in paternity cases and any other legal matter affecting the interests of a child. As a parent, it is your priority to protect your relationship with your child during the proceedings and into the future. Child custody is more than just where the child lives, covering how parents participate in making important decisions on raising the child.

You put your parental rights at risk unless you retain skilled legal representation for child custody matters. At The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq., we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a favorable outcome. Please contact our firm to set up a case evaluation with a Delray Beach custody issues lawyer who will review your circumstances and discuss strategy. Some background information is also useful.

Basics About Florida Child Custody

There are many decisions parents must make to raise a healthy, well-rounded child, and custody dictates how they do it. Some of the topics covered by custody include:

  • Medical care and emergency treatment;
  • Health insurance;
  • Education and extracurricular activities;
  • Travel and entertainment;
  • Online time and gaming restrictions; and,
  • Sports, camp, and lessons.

In most cases, joint custody will be ordered by the court. Florida law prefers the child to have a relationship with both parents, though sole custody may be appropriate in the presence of violence or criminal activity. The critical concept is the child’s best interests, a set of factors the judge must review in making determinations.

Even with joint custody, the child may primarily live with one parent for school, family, and community. The nonresidential parent will have the right to parenting time and visitation, and will likely be paying child support. Statutory guidelines govern child support in Florida.

Options for Custody Matters

Not all child custody cases must go before the court, and parents are allowed to work out an agreed parenting plan. Mediation is an informal process that may help you get closer to compromise, with guidance from a trained mediator. A contested hearing in court is necessary for any remaining disputes.

Our South Florida child custody lawyers at The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. will take care of important tasks at every stage, including:

  • Advising you on options for child custody under Florida law;
  • Reviewing and collecting evidence to support your goals;
  • Discussing settlement toward an agreed parenting plan;
  • Assisting with mediation;
  • Entering orders on a settlement agreement in court; and,
  • Taking your case to a contested hearing on custody.

Contact a Delray Beach Custody Issues Lawyer to Learn More

Considering the importance of the parent-child relationship, it is essential to get legal help when involved in disputes over child custody. The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq. is committed to protecting your rights as a parent, so please contact us to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable Delray Beach child custody lawyer. We can provide personalized advice after reviewing your unique circumstances.

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