Alimony and Spousal Support in Delray Beach, FL

Alimony, also known as spousal support, has seen vast changes in response to shifts in Florida law and continues to be an area of discussion in the legislature for potential future changes.

What You Should Know About Alimony in Delray Beach

Unlike child support, there is no formula Delray Beach residents can utilize to determine how long or how much alimony should be awarded; however, the Florida statute regulating alimony now provides more direction relating to awards of spousal support with the help of your alimony lawyer. In Delray Beach, alimony is awarded based on one spouse’s financial need for alimony and the other’s financial ability to pay spousal support.

In Delray Beach, alimony can take a variety of forms, including temporary, permanent, bridge-the-gap, durational, rehabilitative and nominal. A variety of factors are taken into account to determine best if and when an award for alimony is appropriate. Florida law as pertains to Delray Beach provides for a variety of factors that the court must consider when awarding spousal support:
(A) The standard of living established during the marriage.
(B) The duration of the marriage in Delray Beach
(C) The age and the physical and emotional condition of each party in Delray Beach.
(D) The financial resources of each party, including the nonmarital and the marital assets and liabilities distributed to each.
(E) The earning capacities, educational levels, vocational skills, and employability of the parties in Delray Beach and, when applicable, the time necessary for either party to acquire sufficient education or training to enable such party to find appropriate employment.
(F) The contribution of each party to the marriage in Delray Beach, including, but not limited to, services rendered in homemaking, child care, education, and career building of the other party.
(G) The responsibilities each party in Delray Beach will have with regards to any minor children they have in common.
(H) The tax treatment and consequences to both parties in Delray Beach of any alimony award, including the designation of all or a portion of the payment as a nontaxable, nondeductible payment.
(I) All sources of income available to either party in Delray Beach, including income available to either party through investments of any asset held by that party.

In determining the duration of a marriage, and the applicability of certain forms of spousal support, the Florida alimony statute in Delray Beach provides the following guidelines:

  • A marriage under seven years is considered short term.
  • A marriage of more than seven years but less than 17 years is considered a moderate term marriage.
  • A marriage of over 17 years is considered long term.

In some Delray Beach cases, the issue of alimony may require the assistance of tax and financial experts. In addition to an alimony lawyer, where the income and net worth of the parties is more complex.

Alimony Experts in Delray Beach & Palm Beach County

In certain circumstances, spousal support can be modified. Various circumstances in Delray Beach may warrant a modification, where permitted, and there must be a showing of a permanent, material, unanticipated, sufficient, and involuntary, change in the circumstances.

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