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Boynton Beach's Board-Certified child support attorney, Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq., has over a decade of litigation experience, practicing marital and family law, exclusively. As a seasoned child support lawyer in Boynton Beach, Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq.  has helped guide her clients through extremely tumultuous times. These matters go much more smoothly with the aid of one of Boynton Beach’s most experienced child support attorney.

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Unlike alimony, child support law in Boynton Beach is calculated by a specific mathematical formula, taking into account several variables, such as each parent’s monthly net income and the amount of overnight timeshare each parent has with the child(ren). Additional factors may be included in the calculation, such as health insurance and childcare expenses. There is no presumption as to which Boynton Beach party should pay child support and even in cases where the parties equally share time with the child(ren), one party may still be required to pay child support to the other. Typically, a child is eligible for child support until that child reaches the age of 18, or if still in high school at that time, then upon graduation. In certain Boynton Beach cases, child support law may continue past that time, in the event of a disability.

A child support attorney may seek additional contributions by the Boynton Beach court for other expenses, such as uncovered medical expenses, extra-curricular activities, camps and schooling for the minor child(ren).

While child support is formulaic, the court does have discretion under Florida statute in Boynton Beach to deviate from the guidelines, based on a variety of factors where your child support lawyer makes a warranted case.

Failure to Pay Child Support in Boynton Beach & Palm Beach County

For cases involving the non-payment of child support law in Boynton Beach, there are different options the payee parent may choose to seek to enforce child support. Conversely, the payor parent should be made aware of the potential consequences for failure to pay child support in Delray by their child support lawyer. Potential legal consequences include having child support law garnished, suspension of driver’s license, suspension of professional license administered by the State of Florida, and contempt of court in Boynton Beach.

For actions involving the modification of child support, there must be proof of a permanent, material, unanticipated, sufficient, and involuntary change in circumstances.

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The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra is an experienced child support lawyer firm in Boynton Beach. Whether our team is facilitating a peaceful resolution, or working through high conflict litigation, we arrive prepared and ready to pursue the challenge ahead to best serve our clients. Ms. Sinatra’s goal as her client’s child support attorney is helping them close that chapter of their life, and open another in Boynton Beach. The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, Esq.  will provide you with as much peace of mind that a leading child support lawyer or attorney can provide. Call the Boynton Beach child support law experts today!

Located in the heart of downtown Boynton Beach, Florida, the Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A. is dedicated to serving individuals and families throughout South Florida exclusively in the areas of marital and family law.

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